K16G Series

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K16G Series

K16G Series

K16G is designed by Kangwo Power on the original basis that is reinforced in design and improved in cylinder diameter; The series is applicable to equipment such as generating equipment, ships and vessels, construction machinery, industrial water pump and agricultural machinery. It has such advantages as good universality of components, compact structure, strong power, little noise and low emission.

Product characteristics

The technology of electronic unit pump is interchangeable with fuel pump with electronic speed governor, which optimizes fuel system, satisfies larger power and guarantees lower emission. The oil pump is added with a check valve to prevent secondary injection so as to achieve better combustion effect.

Intake and exhaust pipes are redesigned to meet better performance requirements.

Supercharger with high pressure ratio and large flow is used to increase airflow pressure, boost intake volume and effectively reduce exhaust gas emission.

Cracking connecting rod and connecting rod bearing bush undergone spraying process reinforce operational and reliability and render easier maintenance.

Piston diameter is increased, shape of piston combustion room is improved, and vibration oil chamber structure and diamond coating piston ring are applied to increase combustion efficiency and improve operating economy and reliability of engine.

Mass flow hand pump and filter component are added and oil-water separator is attached to ensure stable operation of fuel system.

Technical Parameter(50Hz)

Engine ModelK16G571DK16G612D
Engine TypeL-Type,Water-Cooled,Four-Stroke,Direct Injection
Intake TypeTurbo charger/Air-air intercooler
Rated Power382(kW)410(kW)
Max Power420(kW)450(kW)
Number of Cylinder6
Cylinder TypeReplaceable Wet Cylinder
Total Displacement15.2(L)
Specific Fuel Consumption≤205(g/kW·h)
Specific Oil Consumption≤0.4(g/kW·h)
Idle Speed750(rpm)
Rated Speed1500(rpm)1500(rpm)
Speed Governing ModeElectronic Governor
Starting ModeElectrical starting
Crankshaft rotating directionAnti-Clockwise
Flywheel HousingSAE NO.1#
Net Weight1300±50(kg)
Fuel number(According to GB 252 regulations)  General Environment No.0 or No.-10 Light Diesel Oil
Southern AreaNo.10 Light diesel Oil
Northern Cold Area No.-35 or Lower point Light Diesel Oil
Engine Oil According to The Provisions of GB 11122 CF15W/40(Below environment temperature -5)

Technical Parameter(60Hz)

Engine TypeDirect Injection,Four-Stoke,Water-cooling
Aspiration TypeAir Air intercooledAir Air intercooled
Displacement (L)15.215.2
Flywheel HousingSAE 1#SAE 1#
Dimension (LxWxH) (mm)1530*945*16051530*945*1605
Bore X Stroke (mm)138×165138×165
Compression Ratio14.9:114.9:1
Firing Sequence1-5-3-6-2-41-5-3-6-2-4
Speed GoverningRate0~5%0~5%
Net Weight (Kg)13501350
Oil Pan Capacity (L)3333
Oil Consumption (g/Kw.h)≤0.4≤0.4
Rated Speed (r/min)18001800
Gross Output (kW)435465
Standby Output (kW)420450
Emission StandardTier 2Tier 2
Fan Power (kW)1515
Noise db(A)≤ 115≤ 115
Electrical System Voltage24V24V
Battery TypeTBATBA
Fuel Consumption (g/Kw.h)≤ 214≤ 215
100% Load((Liter/hr)97102
Exhaust Gas Flow (m3/min)7985
Intake Air Flow (m3/min)37.940.6
Exhaust Gas Temp (°C)650650
Cooling Air Flow (m3/min)580610
Max. Exhaust Gas Allowable Backpressure8 kPa8 kPa
*Kangwo Power reserves the right to change specifications and design without prior notice. The picture is only for reference, please make the object as the standard or just contact us before you purchase.